Fiction becomes reality

Business is offered <span class='primary-color'>a digitalizing of human technology opportunities</span>

Business is offered a digitalizing of human technology opportunities

It is expected that in 2017-2018 more than 32 billion of technical devices and all sorts of gadgets will be connected  to the Internet. They are needed to be maintained and developed. Internet age of everything begins, and there will not be bought only things but the source data and materials, documentation and drawings and the latest technical developments.

Consequently, the company that owns the know-how and applies advanced technologies will be successful.
That is where our proposal of a new product to the global market, which we have called Innovative artifact, comes from.

Create innovative artifacts - the product of the XXI century

We create the device prototypes of the future in the shape of 3-D models and place them on our website.

They are unique - nothing like you've ever seen.

Join us, enjoy and be surprised.
Create<span class='primary-color'> innovative artifacts</span> - the product of the XXI century


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INNOVATIVE ARTEFACT 00001 - F.IOS-2205 - intelligent operating system, the prototype of 2205

Intellectual Operating System (IOS), made in the form of a human bracelet
It is intended for human biofunction
The prototype device of the future is interesting to the AI and software engineers
The Intellectual Operating System (IOS) combines the programming language and human DNA
The teleportation of a person is possible with the help of a bracelet. Technology will be available from 2200s
1931 - the term teleportation
2004 - teleportation of the photon quantum state over a distance of 6 km
2014 - teleportation of the photon quantum state over a distance of 25 km
2017 -  famous quantum experiment of Chinese scientists’ teleportation

Our products are innovative artifacts (IA)

In comparison with the technologies of a different mind, our ideas (innovative artifacts) are primitive and childish; but these are the most valuable things we have
Our project is original in terms of non-standard ideas and is capable of further development.
Now we are taking the very first steps.
There is the world of Innovative Artifacts before you - the prototypes of the devices of the future.
Be aware of them, comprehend, marvel and enjoy.

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