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"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

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How Vasiliy Ivanovich was developing innovative artifacts.

An introductory story.

No, dear reader, our character - Vasiliy Ivanovich – is not a physicist, not even an alien race representative with more advanced technologies. His creator didn’t teach him to develop and sell innovative artifacts. Why is so much attention being paid to him and why are we writing about him on our site? Keep on reading and you will understand everything.


Nowadays, some time between 2008 - 2010. Ukraine, Kiev.

Once, when working for a large corporation and holding an important position, a colleague told Vasiliy Ivanovich one amazing story. Some smart young people, as the majority of the "advanced" Ukrainians, work for large foreign corporations as programmers. So, two young guys came from the U.S. on holiday to Kiev and Odessa region, where their parents live. One day, they went to Petrivka (a famous book market in Kiev), with huge backpacks. Walking along the market stalls, they began to buy books by certain authors on specific subject-matter listed in their notepad. As they transformed their backpacks into bulky heavy trunks stuffed with books, they left the market, having satisfied their need like everybody else. Unfortunately, Vasiliy Ivanovich had a question, or to be more precise, a lot of questions. What are these books? What for? I did not understand! And who are these authors?

Why do these forward-minded guys from a developed country with advanced technologies somehow buy books at Petrivka, and what’s more important, why do they buy so many of them and of specific subject-matter? And what is this subject-matter? In the age of communicators, e-books, smartphones, netbooks, the Internet and other technological innovations, - getting information is an instant process, so aren’t these guys acting illogically? Or are they thinking outside the box, more thoughtfully? And since then Vasiliy Ivanovich’s head has been full of bumblebees, not only regular flies, that constantly excite his imagination and conjure images in his mind...

Dear reader, I can assure you, this whole story is interesting and instructive in nature, and it has its continuation.

Several years had passed, and Vasiliy Ivanovich finally got some answers to the questions asked earlier. You will get them too. The truth is, however, everybody will find his or her own answer.

Now Vasiliy Ivanovich is a happy owner of the site "Project Fantasy" where you are reading this story. But let’s go back to our story...

As it usually happens, determination of the main character, his energy and his wide open heart did not feel comfortable in the reality surrounding him. Well, Vasiliy Ivanovich really wanted to get answers to his questions, that's all. And after some thinking, he made a decision to act.

I will not specify how, but after a while Vasiliy Ivanovich became a proud owner of a piece of paper on which the authors and the titles of the books were written. For instance, a well-known Ukrainian science fiction writer was listed among them, whose fresh and unexpected bouts-rimes novel aroused widespread interest among space industry specialists. In short, you know what I mean...

By the way, the ‘book guys’ at that time were working for a well-known US corporation engaged in biotechnology and genetics development.

The answers came, and the work began. Vasiliy Ivanovich himself took an active part in the construction of his bright future: he has created a company, developed a business plan, made presentation and Start Up2014. And step by step he is carrying out his plan.

From time to time his joy is killed by monthly visits to the Pension Fund where he has to file reports, which eventually became subject to tax authorities. Vasiliy Ivanovich stopped laughing, harsh days have come. Same thing as for thousands of businessmen in his country. Anyway, you know what I mean...

Vasiliy Ivanovich is at a crossroad. As in the fairy tale about the three warrior heroes, three roads are opening in front of him:

1) You can forget about all the twists and turns, and close down an enterprise achieving nothing.

2) You can tighten your belt and settle all the nuances and changes to the Internal Revenue Code and other codes by yourself. You will surely enjoy months of adventures in such authorities as Statistical Office, the Labor Inspectorate, Health Inspection Service, Ministry for Emergencies and Disaster Response, etc. Entertaining visits to government agencies, employment centers and other bodies of this kind will not let Vasiliy Ivanovich get bored.

But: you can direct your eyes to the site "Project Fantasy", which Vasiliy Ivanovich has chosen as a startup.

This is a Start Up 2014, it really is.

The project is making only its first steps. In short, this is a project about the future, about you and me, our children, grandchildren, future generations, about mankind.

This is a project about opportunities –opportunities of people.

Follow our site and please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Very soon you will get acquainted with the artifacts, it is really fascinating...

 It is notable that Aristotle wrote in his "Metaphysics" first line: "All men by nature desire to know."

Itisnot acoincidence, is it?

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