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"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

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I'm glad to meet you


My name is Vasiliy Stepanchenko

I am the author of the idea, the founder of "THE PROJECT FANTASY" LLC and the leader of this project

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"THE PROJECT FANTASY" LLC is a Start Up of 2014-2015

At the present moment you are on the site of the project: www.profantasy.com.ua


To reveal the potential opportunities of humanity in innovation


To serve the people and future generations…


Development of Innovative Artifacts (IA).

Innovative artifacts are considered by us as Human knowledge and innovations based on them that define the work of business in the present and future.

The slogan or the main question that we bring up to the discussion goes something like this: "... what if ..."

We are aware of our project being promising, because the obtaining and dissemination of knowledge in terms of the XXI century gets a commercial advantage. Hence, the knowledge can be accessible to all of us, to our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Therefore, in "the Project Fantasy" we generate opportunities - the potential opportunities of Humanity. Another thing is how each of us will take advantage of them. The choice is yours...

We are currently in the darkness, and cannot stop the future. But we have the ability to understand those things that are changing the world. The future comes. We have started it and others pick it up.

Human intelligence is constantly evolving; stagnation cannot have place at all. Therefore, the introduction of advanced technologies in different fields of human civilization is relevant, popular and promising.

…”The Project Fantasy” is counting on your curiosity and inquisitiveness - we work with successful, thinking, sober and unconventionally-minded people who care about their own fate and the fate of other people of the planet Earth...

If you have any questions, ideas, doubts, just email uset  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Watch for updates …

Join us …

…Very soon you will be addicted in Innovative Artifacts. This is really fascinating…

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