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"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

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“Sailor-030” is a cognitive version of Internet

...Unique algorithms are described and proved in the early 2030s by engineers of cognitive operating systems.  An Artificial Intellect, based on the algorithms of linear-matrix singularity had self-developed, but in 2086 went out of control.Subsequently it seized power over the people and the planet's resources.  It server as a warning to humanity of the short-sightedness of its intentions. It is compulsive to read for everyone!!!


...Program with an advanced system of logic and decision-making that does hack any computer system in very short time, as scripted, and then remove all logs and itself, even before someone can detect it. These sophisticated logic modules and algorithms have been made ​​by the technology "stells", that is, they were imperceptible, invisible to ordinary firewalls and antivirus programs...

...In fact, it is an Infected Artificial Intellect (IAI), created by a human...


...The innovative artifact “Sailor-030” will be of interest to developers of antivirus software, experts of computer security systems, Web-applications, Computer games, design studios, cinematography, etc…


...These programs are able to penetrate any defense system, they have a powerful selection algorithms. They study weaknesses, it is spelled out in them how to hack certain systems; and when information about the system is received, they decide where and how to attack...


...“Sailor-030” independently analyzes programming tutorials and others, browses various forums, and creates for itself its own anti-virus programm. Its self-preservation program is enclosed in its core inviolable logic circuit, next to the submission program and activator of self-destruction. At the same time, it learns the forums and information about how to hack anything. Sailor is not a human, it can think at multitask mode, perform search on many issues simultaneously. In addition it thinks in millions times faster than any human, especially if the task is to read the text, or to perform a simple action only. In this case, all that it needs, it learns once and for all from the first try; any scope of information, with any degree of accuracy. This has determined the fact, thet realizing the mind of the simple average person, with a very average talent and ability of thinking, it reads more books and articles forums, watch more movies overnight than any human is  capable to do it for the entire life. Getting the opportunity to adjust its programs, it becomes improved, except for the part which is inviolable. It codes antivirus, learns to break all that is needed, it has access to the Internet and can download everything that is needed, and it does all this...


The most expected events may be such as:

2030s – creating algorithm of operating systems security. It prevents reliably any viruses in the core of the system...

2056 – a mathematical algorithm that has appeared in all search systems is created, it allows to determine from the facial image its belonging, and create three-dimensional model...

2086 – Sailor subjugated all of the Internet, all the resources and the planet itself came under the control of AI...


     ~ 20 - 45%

…We assume the intensive probability of AI development in the next 2-5 years by separate individuals and by all sorts of organizations…

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