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"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

"...а что будет если..."

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Droid AI - «FREIG» iscarrier of artificial intelligence designed by human in his own way; it is not aggressive with respect to biological objects, including people


...Droid AI - «FREIG», whose function is self-sustaining, in fact, is indestructible. This series passed enough deep and conceptual modernization on the way of an independent self-development, to find not only the memory of the person, but also to allocate from the amount of life experience the most significant events, and with them the images that play a key role in one’s own mind [A. Livadniy. “The Rebellious Procyon. 2011”].It is created as an assistant and a "partner" to a human. It is indispensable in the external aggressive environment...


...This artifact is offered as an idea for the development of humanoid robots, droids and equipment for mission-critical systems (nuclear power stations and bases, space, difficult work, and others.). It can be interesting for game developers, design studios, cinematography, etc...


...The role of domestic arrangements was originally predestined to Androids, but the creation of seemingly attractive shell is only a small part of the technical problem. The form must be filled with a unique content, it is necessary to diversify advantageously the set of executable functions, to give to human-machine an ability to maintain a meaningful dialogue with the host, the execution of small orders, and then harness it, etc. All of the above is well aware to developers. Ultimately, the android will have to compete in sales with many convenient and reliable mechanisms of narrow specialization, firmly rooted in everyday life, etc...


...At the heart of this machine is initially a function of self-development; it is designed differently, has different goals. Machines with artificial neurolike networks are not programmed, but trained, their liberty level is far higher, but as in the first and in the second case alike people are behind the programming or training of the machines. It is generally accepted that created machines are as well good, as good we are. …Creating a copy of a person requires more and more new technical solutions, which does not lie on the edge, but already below the foul. Hard-coded dimensions of the product led designers to the introduction of the scheme neuromodulator androids created from cloned human nerve tissue. What is it - a move to a new level of technological progress or undue desire for God-likeness? We create the mechanisms that look similar to us, virtually without the need in them, without thinking about quite likely situation where human-machine, because of the nature of the colonial ambitious projects, is thrown upon its sources, in fact - is thrown into the raging maelstrom of natural selection, where is known, the fittest will survive. [A. Livadniy. “The Rebellious Procyon”]...


…The first mention of robots is encountered since antiquity...

…1495 The first drawing of a humanoid robot was made ​​by Leonardo da Vinci. Perheps, NASA experts have used the ideas of Leonardo da Vinci at the creation of manipulators; for example, in the preparation of missions to the Moon…

…In the period of years 2385-2388 as a result of modernization of neuromodules droids will get its own "self", and the amount of accumulated experience prevailed over ossified, often unsuited to the givens of the world, software requirements. The experience gained in neuromodules, allowed to act flexibly and efficiently, to respond immediately to a variety of situations, taking the right decisions. Along with the integration of neuromodules they got the right to self-development…


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