Intelligent operating system IOS-2205, prototype of the year 2205

INDIVIDUAL BRACELET - F.IOS-2205, a prototype of the year 2205

F.IOS-2205 is a the trend of the future, it is an intelligent operating system (IOS), the type of which is considered as - "Thinking programm".


Innovative artifact 00002 - Sailor-030 - infected artificial intelligence

 Sailor-030 is a cognitive version of Internet. Unique algorithms are described and proved in the early 2030s by engineers of cognitive operating systems.  An Artificial Intellect, based on the algorithms of linear-matrix singularity had self-developed, but in 2086 went out of control. Subsequently it seized power over the people and the planet's resources.  It serves as a warning to humanity of the short-sightedness of its intentions.

 It is compulsive to read for everyone!!!

Innovative artifact 00003-B - droid FREIG. Prototype of 2386

Droid ISK-IN - «FREIG» is carrier of artificial intelligence designed by human in his own way; it is not aggressive with respect to biological objects, including people

INNOVATIVE ARTIFACT 00014 - cybernetic system of virtual reality, simulator

Cybernetic system of virtual reality "CYBSTEC" is a simulator of virtual reality in the form of a 3m³ cube designed as a miniature virtual test site for the cybernetics specialists training: a specialized "deck" transfers human consciousness to the consensual virtual hallucination of the matrix...

INNOVATIVE ARTIFACT 00007 - a living person, a carrier of artificial intelligence -

 The carrier of artificial intelligence "Bionik" is a living person, who has implanted "neuromodules"; not aggressive towards other biological objects, including people...