…We're moving to defy stereotypes of thinking. Our project does not necessarily teach something new. It suggests, makes you pose questions, think, learn, seek for alternatives - and weans away from an idea that the old is given to mankind once and for all.

We recognize our connection to human knowledge and dependence on it. Via our website we offer mankind THE OPPORTUNITIES. We are happy to share with public the innovative artifacts, as we call them, which are
 being developed by our team within the project. Most inventions - is nothing more than manifestation of common sense.

We want to develop the future of the planet Earth - ourselves, our children, grandchildren and future generations. This is the message of our project. We are changing the world; we make it docile, predictable, kind. And this is just the beginning...

After all, there's no higher purpose than serving people. (Socrates, "Peaceful Warrior").