Do not be surprised, but we consider the book as a living entity. And we try to carefully read the book. Exactly to read thoughtfully and deliberately. However, it is very difficult. And it is necessary to read the book, but not its electronic text. When you communicate with it directly, it helps you. It is absolutely true fact.
Good and interesting book can tell as much as necessary, and just when needed. A good material (content) reveals the surprising side of innovations.
The true purpose of the books that we use in our project is to clarify the origin of innovation, so that all of us better understand the world around us and so we could avoid common mistakes, especially when, we step onto the path of the Creator. We emphasize more the roots of innovation than the branches. Even if we since childhood are familiar with many of these myths, a study of them will never get you bored. Related to them facts (and submitted to our "time scale" of category "Chronology of innovative artifacts" on the main page), in our opinion, is often much more interesting than the original source.
This material is for those who are wondering how we got here, where we are today; why everything is just the way it is, and most important - what each of us, who is dreaming of innovation, can make today. In our project the topics of science fiction, fantasy, mythology, business, history, culture and technology are intersected. No special knowledge for the understanding of our ideas is required. Just ask a question "... what would happen if ..." or similar. In our case the matter it is not about absolute laws and strict algorithms, but on trends and probabilities. We use examples from science, history, art, even politics - from everywhere to show the world the people how important are these nuggets of knowledge and facts for all of us. 

Fiction as history and mythology often does not look the way we envision it. Despite our efforts, some facts and descriptions are likely to be distorted. Believe us, all the omissions are not intended to. We want to believe that the collected arguments and thoughts will be of value, in spite of all inaccuracies. As necessary, we will prepare additional materials, and corrections will be constantly submitted to the site

Enjoy. We will surprise you !!!
Yours Faithfully
The author of the idea of a startup "Project Fantasy" Vasyl Stepanchenko