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HE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: reveal the potential opportunities of humanity in innovation... 

MISSION: serve the people and future generations…
Development of Innovative Artifacts (IA)


Innovative artifacts are considered by us as Human knowledge and innovations based on them that define the work of business in the present and future.


  The slogan or the main question that we bring up to the discussion goes something like this: "...what if..."

  We are aware of our project being promising, because the obtaining and dissemination of knowledge in terms of the XXI century gets a commercial advantage. Hence, the knowledge can be accessible to all of us, to our children, grandchildren and future generations.

 Therefore, in "Project Fantasy" we generate opportunities - the potential opportunities of Humanity. Another thing is how each of us will take advantage of them.The choice is yours...

We are currently in the darkness, and cannot stop the future. But we have the ability to understand those things that are changing the world. The future comes. We have started it and others pick it up.

Human intelligence is constantly evolving; stagnation cannot have place at all. Therefore, the introduction of advanced technologies in different fields of human civilization is relevant, popular and promising.


We realize that creation can be a simple process for observation as if we open a car door or enter the house. We focus simultaneously on the special nature of the ideas and believe that  their creature is something supernatural. As a result, a visit to amazing  places or a meeting with unknown lacks convincing evidence . We all just want to "feel" it with our own hands. In the depths of our soul, we still believe there are mysterious  devices, hidden rooms, guarded by security systems with motion detectors, or steel safes looking like  shamans keepers where new ideas are folded like bars of gold. 

Long before the appearance of Google, Apple, MIT and IDEO – modern "hotbeds"of  innovation, humanity has struggled to explain any kind  of the creations, from the  Universe to the simple things around. And, although we learned to build spaceships,  cool cars and make food fit for human consumption, there are no satisfactory answers to simple questions like "Where did we come from?" and "Is it true that there are  more than 1.5 million humanoid races only in our Universe?". Standard answers are unconvincing and promote the circulation of illusions.

What if Columbus did not discover America, and Newton - gravity: Egyptian pyramids, the "Wimans" and Roman Coliseum prove that even ancient people were familiar with this phenomenon. In our opinion, Newton sufficiently explained how gravity worked  through mathematics. But all possible legends about "sudden awareness of essence or  meaning of something" play the most important role in human history. Initially any  understanding appeared to be Divine power; and it is not surprising that most of humanity  defines God as the only creative power in the universe. That’s why people made it a rule to consider something original as divine, but the secondary as human.
Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, we are trying to use technologies which are increasing exponentially. Just think of the Internet of Things (and in the project we  believe that in 2017-2018 more than 30 billion of devices and gadgets may be connected to the Internet!!!) which is necessary to maintain and develop, by the way. Consequently, the industry of information flow “filtering” is becoming as relevant and demanded as ever. And companies that own know-how and use advanced technology have to be  successful.
Hence our project - "Project Fantasy", which we have started, but others will pick up and go ahead with it. Actually, we  believe that we are giving rise to the new consumer value for humanity of the 21st century - we discover an amazing world of potential opportunities of technologies and the power of the human spirit. Simply put, we offer people POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITIES OF TECHNOLOGIES.
The ancient Greeks genuinely believed in supernatural ideas, and for that they created  goddesses who represented creative power. These nine goddesses, or muses, became the object of worship for writers, engineers, musicians, inventors. Great minds  of different epochs like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Seneca, Lao Tzu, Avicenna, Machiavelli and many others were creating and attending temples, offering prayers to their patroness - the muse. And what about the Nobel laureates, do they believe in their muse? Today, when amazing innovations are born into the world, the first stories about them resemble myths. Sometimes, sacrificing authenticity for the benefit of insight, readers immerse in a fairy tale. For example, Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of WWW (World Wide Web), recalls the spreading process - growth by gradually adding, but  reading public is still  interested in instant magic. Pokémon GO, where are they from?  And when were they described and invented? And what is happening to them around the world now?
We believe that readiness to try illogical, at first view, ideas or create unobvious for others connections leads to censure (there is some truth in stereotypes about the crazy and not of this world scientists and unpredictable artists). Issues and approaches, initially incomprehensible for majority, are necessary to develop new ideas. For this  reason our "Project Fantasy" is at the risk of becoming lonely and unclear . It is one thing to describe Internet in 1827-1829, as it was done by Russian chemists in the articles forgotten in time, or sort Internet out, and even “chew“ it for the common man.  Transforming ideas into the result takes long time. Let's remember the ideas of  Leonardo da Vinci about the helicopter and its subsequent implementation in the prototype. Or what are the images on the frescoes of the Egyptian pyramid? Newton certainly was not the first who drew attention to gravity, but he turned out to be one of the first, whose many years of work were able to lead to the logical result. In the 1960s  television series  «Star Trek» mobile phones have already existed, but to achieve this in reality  decades of  technological improvements were required (many fantastic ideas  of "Star Trek”, such as teleportation, have yet to be realized), not to mention the  organizing of the most difficult production and services, thanks to which similar  devices become available to customers worldwide.

WWW, Web browser, computer "mouse" and the search engine are the result of a long consistent chain of experiments, discoveries and failures, huge contributions of  engineers and organizations; but it takes years or even decades to the process of their establishment. Let's remember stylus, which was used to write on the clay tablets, and through centuries we also use it but on what devices! Now imagine a prototype of 2250,  and what it might be. Cool? So that really is what we're doing.
We took on a dream job that discovers new amazing opportunities for lots of people and organizations . And we do not wait rapid and easy success, because this can lead to failure. "...Innovation, which may look significantly, might turn up only a technical  cunning; while the idea with the modest intellectual claims, will turn into a giant highly profitable business (Peter Drucker)".  
We can say almost the same about any scientist, innovator, engineer or laboratory. The main thing is to notice the problem, to have desire and talent for its solutions. These  qualities are directly related to the forthcoming work. To find the great idea is certainly  an achievement, but it is also more important to use it for a better world.
…”Project Fantasy” is counting on your curiosity and inquisitiveness - we work with successful, thinking, sober and unconventionally-minded people who care about their own fate and the fate of other people of the planet Earth....

If you have any questions, ideas, doubts, just email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


…Very soon you will be addicted in Innovative Artifacts. This is really fascinating…



And thanks for reading ...
The author of the idea, project manager Vasyl Stepanchenko

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The progressive nature of innovations generates positive expectations of their use, but sometimes the reality of their application may puzzle us, and sometimes shock! Before any innovation is used, no one, even an innovator, knows how it will affect the world.
Agree, when Windows or MacOS came along, no one thought of computer viruses; the MacDonald brothers did not think about the problem of obesity; and barbed wire was created to control the cattle. But, unfortunately, barbed wire quickly found its way during the First World War, and made one of the most brutal methods of fighting in the history of mankind a reality. (Originally it had been supposed to be used for cattle fencing, but caused a barbarity). And Einstein's theory of relativity in general produced a revolutionized understanding the universe and simultaneously, despite the initial disapproval of its creator, led to the appearance of an atomic bomb. Therefore, any invention can be for the benefit of people or against them and turn into horror.
Innovators (inventors) often give out desirable for valid and their innovations always have unintended consequences. Other people can freely use their know-how; and, whereas everyone has his own needs, values, ideas and desires, it is impossible to predict what kind of thought come to one’s head will be used by another.
Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, revolutionary ideas are so different from our current thinking that we do not fully understand how to apply them. This means that it is unpredictable to use innovation only after its adoption, but also the time, as well as the motives for its implementation and adoption. Like in Mass Effect, for instance...

...For thinking people ...

80% technologies that we will use in everyday life in the next 10 years have not even been invented yet. Surprisingly, thanks to the development of innovations, a business of trillions of dollars is already moving from stores built of brick and concrete into clicks and orders on the Internet, and the network is rapidly becoming the infrastructure of the new economy.

... The future is already here ...

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