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If we allow the colonization of Mars in the coming decades, then, of course, it will be a comprehensive program that provides for the transformation of the planet to terrestrial characteristics (terraforming): human settlement, creating suitable conditions for life, the presence of atmosphere and oxygen. The famous film "Martian" is a bright harbinger of a vision of the future in the settlement of the planet.
The main objectives of the conquest of Mars:
- the scientific research of the planet, its satellites and other objects of the Solar system;
- the geological excavations, mining of valuable minerals;
- the solution of the demographic crisis on the planet;
- the creation of a “spare zone” in case of a global catastrophe on Earth and much more;
- the expansion of new opportunities for humanity.
But some scientists believe that the idea of colonizing Mars is a failure and has many flaws. Among them:
- the high cost of flights and cargo transportation;
- the inability to transfer a large number of the world's population to Mars in the event of a catastrophe;
- the danger of the flight itself due to solar radiation, which leads to irreversible cell mutations.
According to scientists,  the suit will not be able to protect the structure of DNA with such a long-term stay in interplanetary space;
- psychological aspect;
- weak gravity and a weak magnetic field on Mars, as a result of which the body begins to rebuild, blood circulation is disturbed, the body is dehydrated, bone mass and muscle mass are weakened (think of the appearance of well-known alien images and think why it is);
- Martian sandstorms, which are not well studied.
As you know, there are several projects involving the creation of a colony of people on Mars. The most popular programs include the private Netherlands project "Mars One" under the leadership of Bas Lansdorp and the company "SpaceX", the head of which is Elon Musk. It is also known about the project of the European Space Agency, the Russian project of the Far Eastern National Space Center at the Vostochny cosmodrome and the space program for the Mars colonization of the People’s Republic of China and many others. 
The Mars One project started in 2010. The project manager Bas Lansdorp aims to make the life of people on Mars a reality by 2026For the flight program it is proposed to use the transport module, consisting of the living, motor compartments and the aircraft itself. The approximate cost of the first expedition is $ 6 billion, the next - $ 4 billion each.
All stages of colonization are described on the official website of the space organization. It is known that at the moment two stages have been implemented. In 2011 meetings were held with suppliers of the spacecraft in the USA, Canada, Italy and the UK, as a result of which Bass Lansdorp signed a serious contract with Lockheed Martin, which designed Phoenix in 2007 and Surrey Satellite Technology.
In 2013 the astronaut selection has started. About 200 thousand applications from 140 countries of the world were received. In the first round, 1058 people were selected, then - 100, later - 40. In 2015, 24 lucky ones, who were not afraid to get a one-way ticket, were selected. Now candidates are paid an official salary, since they have eight years of grueling preparations for living on the Red Planet ahead of them. At present, the period of technical and psychological preparation of future Martians continues.
In 2022, they plan to launch a communications satellite, in 2024 - six cargoes, among which there will be two residential units, two warehouses and two life support systems. In 2025, the rover should begin to prepare the base for the arrival of the colonists: activate all systems, arrange the blocks, create supplies of water and oxygen. From 2026 to 2035 groups of astronauts of four people will land on Mars until their total number reaches 24 people.
SpaceX is an American company, founded in 2002 by the head of Tesla Motors Elon Musk. Currently, this company is known for its launch vehicles Falcon 1, Falcon 9 and the spacecraft Dragon. These spacecrafts are considered to be conductors to Mars.
The first successful launch of the Falcon 1 rocket took place in 2008, after which NASA signed a contract with SpaceX to supply the International Space Station in the amount of $ 1.6 billion. In 2010, for the first time, the mockup of the ship Dragon was launched with the help of the launch vehicle Falcon 9, later a real spacecraft was launched into orbit. Unfortunately, in 2015, an accident occurred during the launch of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle with the spacecraft Dragon on board as part of the supply mission of the International Space Station by SpaceX CRS-7. The launch vehicle collapsed in the air after 2 minutes 19 seconds after launch. But on December 22, 2015, the first successful vertical landing of the first stage of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle was made, which opened up new horizons for the company in the conquest of not only space, but also Mars. Now SpaceX improves the capabilities of the spacecraft Dragon V2, working on the function of soaring above the Earth.
Before launching a spacecraft with people to Mars, the SpaceX program provides for sending a spacecraft without human beings. Unlike the Mars One project, the SpaceX program provides for a return to Earth.
Pre-launch is just needed to check that the ship will reach Mars, and after - will be able to go back. After testing it is planned to send several cargo missions to Mars for the delivery of cargo, necessary equipment, housing, food and water supplies. SpaceX experts constantly calculate when Mars will be the closest to Earth. The nearest date is the summer of 2018. Perhaps that's when the ship with the SpaceX logo would land on the planet.
The flight to Mars will approximately look like this: a huge and powerful spacecraft is “built” in orbit. The purpose of the first stage is to deliver the spacecraft to orbit of the Earth, and then return (by means of a reactive landing), refueling, repair and delivery of the already new spacecraft. This will continue for a short time until Earth and Mars line up opposite each other in orbits. Then SpaceX will send a tanker to refuel each of the orbiting spacecrafts.
By the time the planets are in the right places, there will already be a complete “colonial fleet” in Earth’s orbit. Just at the right time it will fly to Mars. After about 5 months, the spacecraft, according to the Musk plan, will reach Mars, pass through the atmosphere and land using jet engines. People will come out and begin to unpack. The era of "terraforming" will come. And this is not fiction.
After a couple of years, when the planets align again, the next colonial fleet will leave the Earth at the right moment, and the group of spacecrafts that went to Mars two years earlier will return to Earth together with those who have completed their mission on the Red Planet.
ESA scientists are also developing a plan for the colonization of Mars. But the manned spacecraft has not built yet. The European Space Agency considers a creation of an expedition and a base on the Moon a good alternative to the settlement of people on Mars. In 2001 scientists developed the program "Aurora", involving the study and comparison of Mars and the Moon. The goal of the program is to develop and conduct a strategy for automated and manned research, including the necessary missions, technology and ground work. Manned flights to the Moon, then a manned flight to Mars are scheduled in international cooperation for the 2030s.
  At the moment, we can assume the following chronology of events:
1956 - the start of the PRC space program;
1976 - China independently created the technology of retrievable to Earth spacecraft;
2001 - the start of the Aurora program;
2002 - Elon Musk founded SpaceX;
2007 - Lockheed Martin designed the Phoenix spacecraft;
2007 - retrievable to Earth spacecraft was tested in the Earth's atmosphere;
2008 - the first successful launch of Falcon 1;
2010 - the start of the Mars One project;
2011 - a major contract was signed between spacecraft manufacturers for the joint exploration of space;
2011 - Russia completed a research on simulating a manned flight called Mars-500. It is planned to build a Russian National Space Center on the basis of the future Vostochny cosmodrome;
2014 - NASA and SpaceX signed a contract about launching and landing of rockets in the launch camp 39A of the Kennedy National Space Center for 20 years;
2015 - successful vertical landing (water landing) of the space stage on the offshore platforms;
2016 - at the International Astronomical Congress at Guadalajara, Elon Musk revealed the details of the flight to Mars;
2018 - new technologies will be tested (aerobraking, aerocapture, electric propulsion and soft landing);
2018–2022 - Martian soil samples will arrive on Earth for research;
2022 - 2024 - a number of controlled teleportation experiments will be carried out by mankind in the Solar system;
2022-2025 - the mass use of satellites to deliver equipment to the orbit of Mars;
2024 - manned mission to the Moon;
2024-2025 - New Era is considered, the time for establishing contacts with aliens. Humanity, therefore, will fulfill an important criterion - the ability to move to other planets;
2026 - unmanned Mars mission;
2028 - 2033 - manned flights to Mars...

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...23.09.1999, the space station NASA "Mars" started the mid-flight engines to stay at the orbit of the planet. Ten-month journey from Earth to Mars has ended. The station was programmed to follow all the instructions and, passing the reverse side of Mars, disappeared from the radar. Engineers were looking forward to her appearance on the other side. It took 10 minutes (waiting limit). Nothing. The Flight Operations Control Center became nervous, (not a joke - 10 years of difficult work !!!). They searched the Mars atmosphere but to no avail.

The space station had disappeared!
Turns out that the spaceship entered another orbit, flying too low. As a result, it was burned in the atmosphere. In fact, it took a lot of time to understand the cause of the incident: in a mathematical equation, the units of measurement have not been transfered from English to metric system of measurement, and a $ 300 million space station went to certain death. The ship was doomed... 

..We found a similar content,, where the man but not the space station, died during the teleportation from one point of space to another. And the reason was a small invisible programme, which is installed on all our computers...
So, if NASA engineers have studied the content, it is likely that the station would not have been lost.

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