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 However, in 2011, the film "Infection" directed by Scott Burns was released, which predicted the spread of Coronavirus that became a terrible test for humanity.  In 2018 South Korean film “Terius behind me” broadcasts an episode about an unknown COVID virus (episode 10, 52nd minute), circumstances of origin and its characteristics, conditions  of infecting the individual humans, its potential and catastrophic consequences for humanity.

 We can continue this list with other interesting series, books, facts, documents, etc.
We ask ourselves: what will happen if to parse the data and other similar films "under the microscope", i.e. to determine the stepwise sequence of infection and response to the epidemic, to clock and describe the whole scenario in details: how the infection occurs, how it spreads, which activities are undertaken and which technologies are effective and which are unacceptable. It should be added how doctors, governments, countries, humanity as a whole counteract adequately the spread of the pandemic. That is, the result should be a step-by-step SCENARIO OF FUTURE ACTION, which, at the first sign of any pandemic, should lie on the table of the President of the country and the relevant body (Response Headquarters etc.).
There should be countless scenarios for the President (alien invasion, locust infestation, melting glaciers in Antarctica, catastrophic downfall of bitcoin, the use of nuclear weapons by criminals, unexpected volcanic eruption with subsequent cold snap and world hunger, an asteroid attack etc.). That is why scenarios that involve scrupulous science fiction research will help mankind to prevent disasters and respond appropriately. Science fiction just provides a wide variety of probabilities of the manifestation of the human spirit power.
I will give you some examples.
The interview of the well-known Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov with an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who studied in the United States under the Infantry Basic Officer Leadership Training Program, appeared on the Ukrainian Censor. Net portal on November 13, 2019.   
The officer provides a meaningful and detailed account of the technology used to prepare the United States Army for the conduct of hostilities in the 2020s.
The fact is that the content and essence of training technology in the US Army, described by the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, corresponds to the content of the Robert Heinlein’s science fiction novel "Starship Troopers" in small details!!! In other words, the training of the military described in the novel, corresponds to the scenario and training requirements of the US Army infantry platoon commanders in Fort Benning in a meaningful and accurate manner.
We can assume that such or similar scenarios are used by other special forces in detail. For example, there is an opinion that there are literary units that deal with the investigation and analysis of detective books. They scrutinize the actions of agents and counteractions to them in the harsh conditions of the present (creating special scenarios and relevant actions of influence). Science fiction authors and futurists are involved in security forces in China, France and other countries. In addition, there is another science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein - "The Double Star", in which the author describes the technology of replacing a political leader with a double actor, who had the fate of playing the role of prime minister. We can make many assumptions by this example in today's world, but this is politics.
Or remember, for example, the Russians, and the novel, which is recommended for reading by the State Security Committee (KGB) (now Federal Security Service (FSB) agents).
Another fact. 
A special content was found in a science-fiction book by a Ukrainian science-fiction writer. It tells about the mistake of engineers (they did not change physical quantities into a single coordinate system) and the pilots died - and on September 23, 1999, NASA’s space station MARS was destroyed. Engineers did not change the units of measurement into a single system of calculations, and a $300,000,000 space station entered low orbit and burned out in the atmosphere of the planet. In our opinion, if NASA engineers knew about this content, the station would not have been destroyed. Subsequently, NASA engineers introduced the project NASA + Top-Forge Books publishing house, it is a project "NASA -Inspired Series of Artworks". There exist a lot of such examples...
If you carefully watch the series "Expansion", or rather, disassemble "under the lens" books of the series "Space" by James Corey, for example, "Awakening of the Leviathan", "The War of the Caliban" and others, with a protomolecule, infection of people, further war, severe consequences and to establish who benefits from it and who did it, one wants to ask a question to the Chief Sanitary Inspector of a powerful western country. Which virus collection spent $3.7 million? Who lobbied for further research at the Wuhan Laboratory? Why was there a point about achieving laboratory infection of humans with COVID-19 in TR (Technical Requirement) after scientists had found that the bat virus was not naturally transmitted to humans? Who should be responsible for this? Fiction in our case is based on the fact that those who shout the most are responsible for the spread of such viruses.
Why has the US President banned WHO funding, but this funding will be renewed anyway? By the way, the content of these books may be of interest to Ilon Mask`s SpaceX engineers, because it describes in detail the ideas of instruments developed for the flight to Mars. Among them are hydroponics at a space station, a device for making coffee in conditions of low g, the immune system diseases, locust control technology, a device for withstanding higher and high g, an auto surgeon, a waste disposal device, a space suit and the like...
Therefore, the question arises: perhaps we need to understand thoroughly and carefully the scenarios that have been already spelled out or reproduced in some feature films, books, theories, facts about the future of humanity.  And what can we say specifically about Ukraine after 2020?
Let me give you some separate, non-systemic ideas concerning the future of our state, which it would be advisable to implement in the near future. And this is not politics. Imagine, for example, a civilization of ants. Perhaps this looks primitive, but at the same time who knows...
1. Garbage, the environment. 
The president speaks on television in front of the country (people, residents, families, etc.), and asks each cell (honeycomb, family, apartment, etc.) to sort the garbage, for example, into 4 fractions and take it to certain collection points. (Recall the situation with garbage sorting in modern Japan, for example). All this accumulates and is processed for certain products of human life (or not human) in their area, near the house, etc...
2. Hunger.  
Creation of Niche Food Stocks (for example, in bomb shelters that are abandoned and forgotten). By the way, how many are there such bomb shelters in Ukraine? In my opinion, the world famine of 2025-2027 will prompt us to such actions. As for Ukraine, it is deep foods processing but not grain export... These are the supply of final foodstuffs to the world market (8-10% of humanity’s provision of food products by our state!!!)...
3. Food in clusters.  
There is a need of creation of 178 granaries throughout Ukraine (storage of 17.83 million tons of grain in the territory of the state), with the exact linking of granaries to the grain growing areas.  65 newest vegetable stores, 23 fish processing mini-factories (for example, linking to ponds, etc.)...
4. Batteries, resources.  
Again, the President`s speech (in front of the population, society, people, family, etc.) with a request to hand over batteries for their further processing. In Ukraine, 8th grade students do this, 9th grade students collect the waste paper, computers, smartphones and the like.  Students of Grades 10 and 11 are volunteers, they care for the elderly. Everything accumulates in schools with subsequent transfer to places where they should be collected..  Does this remind you of anything?
5. Security (of beehives, families, states, etc.).
The service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for 3 years is mandatory for everyone, for girls and for boys (and what about Israel now, for example?) In the nearest military unit the service starts from the 10th grade (meaning when young men and women have military registration and enlistment office orders, and 2 times for 2 weeks in the spring and autumn they go through initial training camps at the nearest military unit). It's about initial familiarization with military service. So in the 11th grade, or a technical secondary school, etc., it should be 2 times for 4 weeks. Upon reaching the age of 20 years, an oath takes place, and military service time is taken into account in the general accounting of service time. There is a distribution of specialties. This is belonging to a nation, citizenship, citizen. Citizenship has a graduation, with a probationary period...
6. Migration.  
Movement begins at cataclysms, and in nature these are not static processes but relocation. With the help of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine in 2021-2024, it is possible to buy 30,703 houses in rural areas (in villages, abandoned houses) and restore them with the help of volunteers. Guess what it is for...
7. Foresight Strategy. 
What do you think, if you carefully develop a strategy for the future of Ukraine, for example, 150 years ahead? Is this necessary (this is not about politicians, but about the survival of civilization, the country)? This happens with the involvement of futurologists, science fiction writers to develop strategies at the state level...
8. Expansion.  
There should be Association of territories for the survival of species and Association of countries into a single state.  Force Alliance.  And what does Mass Effect say about this?..
9. Terra planet formation.  
This refers to tree planting, for Ukraine at least 300 million, starting from the Kherson region and then to the north of the country. It will have to be done whether we want it or not. A matter of time and our indifference...
All of the above is probably naive, but if you re-read Bernard Verber "Ants", then it does not look ridiculous. Agree, Livingston, a device for communication between civilizations (between people and ants), looks fantastic, but the 21st century offers new challenges...
Dear friends, our startup - "Project Fantasy" is engaged in the creation of Innovative Artefacts (IA) and offers them to business as prototypes of the devices of the future (the sphere of the Internet of things, the Internet of man, the Internet of everything). Our developments are connected with the research of science fiction "under the microscope". The objects that can appear in our lives in the 2020s - 2200s are in the field of research. The project is working on their implementation.
There will be many interesting things.
Follow us and enjoy...
Vasilii Stepanchenko 
Author of the idea and founder of the startup "Project Fantasy"

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...23.09.1999, the space station NASA "Mars" started the mid-flight engines to stay at the orbit of the planet. Ten-month journey from Earth to Mars has ended. The station was programmed to follow all the instructions and, passing the reverse side of Mars, disappeared from the radar. Engineers were looking forward to her appearance on the other side. It took 10 minutes (waiting limit). Nothing. The Flight Operations Control Center became nervous, (not a joke - 10 years of difficult work !!!). They searched the Mars atmosphere but to no avail.

The space station had disappeared!
Turns out that the spaceship entered another orbit, flying too low. As a result, it was burned in the atmosphere. In fact, it took a lot of time to understand the cause of the incident: in a mathematical equation, the units of measurement have not been transfered from English to metric system of measurement, and a $ 300 million space station went to certain death. The ship was doomed... 

..We found a similar content,, where the man but not the space station, died during the teleportation from one point of space to another. And the reason was a small invisible programme, which is installed on all our computers...
So, if NASA engineers have studied the content, it is likely that the station would not have been lost.

What do you think? 
We will inform you, dear readers, about the unique designs and solutions that reveal the wonderful world of the potential technologies and the power of the human spirit ...

Best regards, author of the idea 
Vasyl Stepanchenko

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