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Fiction in our project is the idea, which helps wild guesses, untested models, numerous "insane" challenging assumptions become a part of a wide social environment. They become a common property of some individual experts as well as are brought to the mass consciousness via our website without any experimental verification. 

It’s not a fault of our approach. 

This is a time phenomenon - every new idea is donned by the "image of the world" which has been created in everyday conscienceness of the general population throughout existence of human civilization.

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The progressive nature of innovations generates positive expectations of their use, but sometimes the reality of their application may puzzle us, and sometimes shock! Before any innovation is used, no one, even an innovator, knows how it will affect the world.
Agree, when Windows or MacOS came along, no one thought of computer viruses; the MacDonald brothers did not think about the problem of obesity; and barbed wire was created to control the cattle. But, unfortunately, barbed wire quickly found its way during the First World War, and made one of the most brutal methods of fighting in the history of mankind a reality. (Originally it had been supposed to be used for cattle fencing, but caused a barbarity). And Einstein's theory of relativity in general produced a revolutionized understanding the universe and simultaneously, despite the initial disapproval of its creator, led to the appearance of an atomic bomb. Therefore, any invention can be for the benefit of people or against them and turn into horror.
Innovators (inventors) often give out desirable for valid and their innovations always have unintended consequences. Other people can freely use their know-how; and, whereas everyone has his own needs, values, ideas and desires, it is impossible to predict what kind of thought come to one’s head will be used by another.
Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, revolutionary ideas are so different from our current thinking that we do not fully understand how to apply them. This means that it is unpredictable to use innovation only after its adoption, but also the time, as well as the motives for its implementation and adoption. Like in Mass Effect, for instance...

...For thinking people ...

80% technologies that we will use in everyday life in the next 10 years have not even been invented yet. Surprisingly, thanks to the development of innovations, a business of trillions of dollars is already moving from stores built of brick and concrete into clicks and orders on the Internet, and the network is rapidly becoming the infrastructure of the new economy.

... The future is already here ...

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