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 Sailor-030 is a cognitive version of Internet. Unique algorithms are described and proved in the early 2030s by engineers of cognitive operating systems.  An Artificial Intellect, based on the algorithms of linear-matrix singularity had self-developed, but in 2086 went out of control. Subsequently it seized power over the people and the planet's resources.  It serves as a warning to humanity of the short-sightedness of its intentions.

 It is compulsive to read for everyone!!!

...For thinking people ...

80% technologies that we will use in everyday life in the next 10 years have not even been invented yet. Surprisingly, thanks to the development of innovations, a business of trillions of dollars is already moving from stores built of brick and concrete into clicks and orders on the Internet, and the network is rapidly becoming the infrastructure of the new economy.

... The future is already here ...

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