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project fantasy

And imagine yourself in the future: where everything is unknown, unusual, and you want to touch everything, taste, "use” it. So here and now. Site rubric "Innovative artifacts", created by Vasylii Ivanovich’s team, will tell you exactly about the prototypes - the devices of the future. How is it possible? Read and see everything...


In 1962, it was conducted a unique experiment at the Moscow House of children's book. Group of students were asked to read fiction books of Jules Verne and write out the technical ideas that have been described there. After that, with the help of the famous writer Henry Altov, it was estimated which of them have been realized, and which have not. So, the children read 19 fiction novels and wrote out 108 technical ideas in the "Foresight table". As it turned out, 64 of them have already been implemented. More than half that, in our opinion, is unique. Time passed, and the story had its continuation. Great-grandson of the famous writer, looking over his great-grandfather’s things, accidentally found an unpublished novel, "Paris in 1968", which has lain unknown for almost a century. What do you suppose innovations, described in this novel, eventually became indispensable? For example, photocopier, modern elevator and others? There is nothing accidental. Since the beginning of the XXI century just 10 writer’s predictions were still unrealizable. Who knows what will happen next...

It passed a little more than a year after releasing of the first innovative artifact on the site of our hero. During this time, the team with Vaslii Ivanovich has gone the way from 3 visitors to more than a hundred a day. A lot or a little? The key idea of the project - the rationality and simplicity - could form the basis for many discoveries, forecasts and assumptions in the near future. A recognition of the imperfection of the project and the lack of knowledge of the Internet are the key to understanding ourselves from the point of view of the protagonist; this can give a lot of practical benefits and opportunities to the project. Therefore, the project team believes that the technologies do not affect the life since their invention, but from the moment they become available. To attract more Internet users to his site, our hero - Vaslii Ivanovich periodically puts innovative artifacts for public display. Now there are 10.


But Vaslii Ivanovich persistently explores content: about 100 promising developments are under review of his team. They combined them into a group, and that's what happened:

Global market



Industrial Technologies



Dual-use technologies



AI (artificial intelligence) + Software






Social technologies



Unidentified objects



Impact technologies


Dear visitors!

These innovative artifacts are the device prototypes from the future - devices that they can become in perspective. We are talking about the good news. That's just as it ought to be. The developed prototypes of the future will be exposed regularly - just keep track of our site. In the near future we will make their rating - and you will be able to evaluate them on a scale, for example, it is surprising or not interested, etc.


After reading the article and being acquainted with our website the project team offers you to think if our approach makes your life better or worse.Moreover, you can imagine how you see the future, while you began to understand the nature of the described technologies better. And it will be the most interesting result of your understanding.

Sincerely yours, hero of the articles,

the author and the director of "Project Fantasy", 

Vasyl Stepanchenko

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...23.09.1999, the space station NASA "Mars" started the mid-flight engines to stay at the orbit of the planet. Ten-month journey from Earth to Mars has ended. The station was programmed to follow all the instructions and, passing the reverse side of Mars, disappeared from the radar. Engineers were looking forward to her appearance on the other side. It took 10 minutes (waiting limit). Nothing. The Flight Operations Control Center became nervous, (not a joke - 10 years of difficult work !!!). They searched the Mars atmosphere but to no avail.

The space station had disappeared!
Turns out that the spaceship entered another orbit, flying too low. As a result, it was burned in the atmosphere. In fact, it took a lot of time to understand the cause of the incident: in a mathematical equation, the units of measurement have not been transfered from English to metric system of measurement, and a $ 300 million space station went to certain death. The ship was doomed... 

..We found a similar content,, where the man but not the space station, died during the teleportation from one point of space to another. And the reason was a small invisible programme, which is installed on all our computers...
So, if NASA engineers have studied the content, it is likely that the station would not have been lost.

What do you think? 
We will inform you, dear readers, about the unique designs and solutions that reveal the wonderful world of the potential technologies and the power of the human spirit ...

Best regards, author of the idea 
Vasyl Stepanchenko

...For thinking people ...

80% technologies that we will use in everyday life in the next 10 years have not even been invented yet. Surprisingly, thanks to the development of innovations, a business of trillions of dollars is already moving from stores built of brick and concrete into clicks and orders on the Internet, and the network is rapidly becoming the infrastructure of the new economy.

... The future is already here ...

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